Y000 M/P Enhanced MRP Report

This Extended Solution to the MRP module modifies the MRP Report as follows:

  • A Purchase Order Detail UDF set up as ‘Arrival Date’ prints in place of the P/O Required Date
  • An Item Warehouse Code UDF (set up to hold an ‘In Transit Flag’) of ‘Y’ for a warehouse causes the report to create a separate total of Quantity On Hand on the Item Header
  • Four columns have been eliminated
  • A Sales Order Detail UDF set up as ‘Customer PN’ prints the Customer Part Number in a new column on the report
  • Three additional columns have been added for Customer #, Customer PO and Warehouse
  • A range for customer numbers has been added
  • Replaced the ‘On Hand + PO + In Transit’ row with an ‘On PO’ row


In addition, changes have been made to P/O Entry to calculate the ‘Arrival Date’ UDF.