LMSR SQL Mirroring for ReportFYI

LMSR SQL Mirroring for ReportFYI (formerly Renovofyi) 

SQL Mirroring for ReportFYI (formerly Renovofyi)  allows the user to select Sage 100 G/L and System files to be mirrored directly into a SQL Database in ‘Real Time’. This means as the records are added, updated, or removed from the native Providex Database, a live record will be mirrored to your chosen SQL Database.

This product is designed to work in conjunction with ReportFYI and only allows mirroring of G/L and System Files so that ReportFYI can access the data in SQL.  The following files should be mirrored for ReportFYI to properly access the data:

  •  SY_Company (System Data)
  • GL_Account
  • GL_AccountStructure
  • GL_Budget
  • GL_DetailPosting
  • GL_FiscalYearDetail
  • GL_MainAccount
  • GL_PeriodBudgetDetail
  • GL_PeriodPosting History
  • GL_Subaccount