MRNM New Mexico Quarterly Electronic Reporting

MRNM New Mexico Quarterly Unemployment Reporting modifications for Sage 100 Electronic Reporting allows the user to: 

  1. Generate Electronic Reporting compliant with the Electronic Reporting Information as required by the State of New Mexico. This report includes the following data:
         • Employee Name
         • Social Security Number
         • Employer Account Number (EIN)
         • Reporting Period
         • State Quarter Wages Subject to Unemployment Insurance
  2. Generate an Electronic Reporting summary report that, after the creation of the Electronic Reporting file, reports the information needed to complete any Electronic Reporting Transmittal form that must be submitted with the Electronic Reporting.

New Mexico Quarterly Unemployment Reporting web sites:

Format Being Used For Quarterly Unemployment Reporting:
The file is generated in the state Fixed Length record format. The name of the file produced for the quarterly unemployment wage report is “UIWAGES”. This file is located in the company’s Payroll data folder.

The DSD Business Systems New Mexico Quarterly Unemployment Electronic Reporting (MRNM) has been designed to work in conjunction with the Sage 100 Electronic Reporting module. Before this software can be used, the Electronic Reporting module must be installed. Refer to the Electronic Reporting module for that module’s installation instructions.