SO-1052 Automatic Addition of Miscellaneous Item

SO-1052 Automatic Addition of Miscellaneous Item

This Extended Solution to the Sales Order module allows for a Miscellaneous Item Code to be automatically added to Orders and/or Invoices when you exit the Lines Tab. This additional fee could be:

  • A flat fee
  • With IM-1077: User Defined Fields for Inventory Masterfile installed and enabled, the result of a calculation of I/M item Quantities multiplied by a value in an IM-1077 UDF, then summed for the Order or Invoice.
  • The result of a calculation of IM1 ‘Retail Price’ multiplied by a percentage specified in Setup, and then multiplied by the Qty Ordered/Shipped and summed for the Order or Invoice.
  • Based on the presence of a specified Customer UDF it is then calculated as either a percentage of the Order’s Total amount or the result of the Order’s Total Quantity multiplied by a rate.