ARST – ServiceTrade Integration

This DSD enhancement allows and integration between Sage 100 and ServiceTrade, using a REST API protocol.  There are two major features in this integration:

  • Customer, Ship-To, and Item information is synchronized from Sage 100 to ServiceTrade real-time.  This means that any addition, change, or deletion of a Customer, Ship-To, or Item will automatically synchronize to the ServiceTrade system.
  • Sage 100 S/O Invoices can be generated from the download of ServiceTrade invoices.

Both Regular Items and Miscellaneous Items can be “flagged” as ServiceTrade items, and will be included in the synchronization.

Customers can be “flagged” as Service Trade Customers, and will be included in the synchronization, along with associated Ship-To Codes.

For more information on ServiceTrade, please visit: